Welcome to our FAQs

Here you will find some of the most popular questions about NewsPlatform, the platform for journalists and public who believe that News should be a profitable business, but not be funded by advertising. The only two parties involved should be journalists doing the reporting (earning) and the public who do the consuming (paying). 'Third parties' - usually advertisers, should not have any say in this process, as their motives are not aligned with the public who require the news. We want to make your experience as smooth as possible; should you not find an answer on this page, please contact   us for immediate assistance.

How to earn money with NewsPlatform

  • NewsPlatform allows users to create channels for free.
  • The users then publish articles on their channels.
  • If the articles are of a high quality, other users will subscribe to a channel to read articles published by that channel.
  • Once a channel gains 20 subscribers or more, it will earn USD $0.25 per subscriber per month.
  • Users may create as many channels, and publish as many articles as they wish. Keep in mind that people will only pay for high quality, valuable articles.

How to subscribe & how much it costs ($0.50 / channel / month)

NewsPlatform aims to allow journalists to write high quality content without the burden of requiring very large numbers of readers to 'drive traffic' to the site and earn income via ad-revenue.
For consumers of news, NewsPlatform allows them to subscribe to niche channels at a fee of USD 0.50 per channel per month for an ad-free News Service. The benefits for consumers include:

  • Never being bombarded by clickbait 'news' articles.
  • No more news sites filled with auto-play ad videos and irrelevent ads obscuring the news content.
  • Refined, affordable news service. Only pay for the news that you want, from journalists you trust.
  • No more being locked into a provider. If your interests change, or a channel's quality drops, simply unsubscribe.
  • To illustrate, for USD $8.00 per month, a user could subscribe to 16 diverse channels, each a specialist in their niche area, from a global finance news channel, to a neighbourhood community news bulletin, to news on a niche sport in a niche location.
High quality, diverse, ad-free news is no longer elusive.

Adding a channel

  • Go to the top right and click on 'Account'.
  • From the drop-down click on 'Profile'.
  • On the right of your profile page, you will see 'Edit Channel' and 'Create another channel'.
  • Clicking on 'Create another channel' will take you to a form which walks you through creating a channel.

Switch channels

  • Go to the top right and click on 'Account'.
  • From the drop-down click on 'Profile'.
  • On the right of your profile page, you will see 'Current channel' and a drop down with current channel selected.
  • Clicking on the dropdown will allow you to select the channel that you wish to work/ publish articles on.